Proud::NamedAddrPort Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

PROUD_API void OverwriteHostNameIfExists (const String &hostName)
bool operator== (const NamedAddrPort &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const NamedAddrPort &rhs) const
PROUD_API String ToString () const
PROUD_API bool IsUnicastEndpoint ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PROUD_API NamedAddrPort FromAddrPort (String addr, uint16_t port)
static PROUD_API NamedAddrPort From (const AddrPort &src)

Public Attributes

String m_addr
uint16_t m_port

Static Public Attributes

static PROUD_API NamedAddrPort Unassigned

Detailed Description

It's similar to AddrPort but string can be inserted in m_addr.

  • At string, either format or format can be added.
  • This structure is needed since AddrPort can only store format.

Member Function Documentation

static PROUD_API NamedAddrPort Proud::NamedAddrPort::From ( const AddrPort src)

Generate this object from AddrPort object

static PROUD_API NamedAddrPort Proud::NamedAddrPort::FromAddrPort ( String  addr,
uint16_t  port 

Generate this object from a specific hostname and port number.

PROUD_API bool Proud::NamedAddrPort::IsUnicastEndpoint ( )

Is it correct address that point 1 port of 1 host instead of broadcast address, null address?

bool Proud::NamedAddrPort::operator!= ( const NamedAddrPort rhs) const

Comparison Operator

bool Proud::NamedAddrPort::operator== ( const NamedAddrPort rhs) const

Comparison Operator

PROUD_API void Proud::NamedAddrPort::OverwriteHostNameIfExists ( const String hostName)

Appoint a new host name with the string inside of hostname.

PROUD_API String Proud::NamedAddrPort::ToString ( ) const

This method makes the contents into string.

Member Data Documentation

String Proud::NamedAddrPort::m_addr

Host name

  • At string, either format or format can be added.
uint16_t Proud::NamedAddrPort::m_port

Port Value

PROUD_API NamedAddrPort Proud::NamedAddrPort::Unassigned

Empty Address