Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats Class Reference

statistics information. For debugging or performance test More...

Public Member Functions

String ToString ()

Public Attributes

int m_receivedFrameCount
int m_receivedStreamCount
int m_totalReceivedStreamLength
int m_totalAckFrameCount
int m_senderWindowLength
int m_senderWindowMaxLength
int m_senderWindowWidth
int m_expectedFrameNumberToReceive
int m_nextFrameNumberToSend
int m_sendStreamCount
int m_senderWindowDataFrameCount
int m_resendFrameCount
int m_totalSendStreamLength
int m_totalFirstSendCount
int m_totalResendCount
int m_senderWindowLastFrame
 if zero, it means nothing to show, or the number is zero indeed.
int m_totalReceiveDataCount
int m_lastReceivedAckNumber

Detailed Description

statistics information. For debugging or performance test

Member Data Documentation

int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_resendFrameCount

Number of frame that located in resend window

int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_senderWindowDataFrameCount

Number of frame that located in first sending window

int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_sendStreamCount

Stream size that stacked at sending queue

int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_totalFirstSendCount

Total number of first send frame

  • If number of resent frame is dramarically increased compare to number of first send frame, it mean, it does not working P2P Reliable messaing unstably
int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_totalResendCount

Total number of resent frame

int Proud::ReliableUdpHostStats::m_totalSendStreamLength

Total size of sent stream