Proud::IHlaHost_C Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Proud::IHlaHost_C:

Public Member Functions

virtual void HlaAttachEntityTypes (CHlaEntityManagerBase_C *entityManager)=0
virtual void HlaSetDelegate (IHlaDelegate_C *dg)=0
virtual void HlaFrameMove ()=0

Detailed Description

TODO:translate needed. This is the HLA session client method interface.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Proud::IHlaHost_C::HlaAttachEntityTypes ( CHlaEntityManagerBase_C entityManager)
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. Register the HLA entity class The HLA entity class shall be HLA complier output.

virtual void Proud::IHlaHost_C::HlaFrameMove ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. The user shall call this function at a regular interval.

virtual void Proud::IHlaHost_C::HlaSetDelegate ( IHlaDelegate_C dg)
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. It receives the objects implementing the methods called back by this module.