Proud::IHlaDelegate_Common Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Proud::IHlaDelegate_Common:

Public Member Functions

virtual void HlaOnLockCriticalSection ()=0
virtual void HlaOnUnlockCriticalSection ()=0

Detailed Description

TODO:translate needed. Users must implement this method.


  • In versions other than C++, this method may be in the form of delegate callback.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Proud::IHlaDelegate_Common::HlaOnLockCriticalSection ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. If lock protection is requested by an HLA internal module, this method is called back. Users must implement this. For example, you may do critical section lock that would protect the memory from this routine.

virtual void Proud::IHlaDelegate_Common::HlaOnUnlockCriticalSection ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. It performs the opposite role of HlaOnLockCriticalSection()