Proud::IDumpServerDelegate Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnStartServer (CStartServerParameter &refParam)=0
virtual bool MustStopNow ()=0
virtual CriticalSectionGetCriticalSection ()=0
virtual void OnServerStartComplete (Proud::ErrorInfo *err)=0
virtual String GetDumpFilePath (Proud::HostID clientHostID, const Proud::AddrPort &clientAddr, const ::timespec &tp)=0
virtual void OnFrameMove ()

Detailed Description

delegate that is requested by dump server

Member Function Documentation

virtual CriticalSection* Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::GetCriticalSection ( )
pure virtual

Returns critical section object. Developer must provide either the critical section that is already used by server through this function or oterwise prepared critical section object.

virtual String Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::GetDumpFilePath ( Proud::HostID  clientHostID,
const Proud::AddrPort clientAddr,
const ::timespec tp 
pure virtual

Developer must provide the name of dump file to be recorded through this function. It is ideal if it is based on input parameter.

clientHostIDHostID of dump client
clientAddrexternal internet address of client
dumpTimetime that dump stays
virtual bool Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::MustStopNow ( )
pure virtual

In case when server must be terminated(i.e. upon user request), it can be done if this function returns true.

virtual void Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::OnFrameMove ( )

Periodically called

virtual void Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::OnServerStartComplete ( Proud::ErrorInfo err)
pure virtual

Evnet notifies that server start is completed

errNULL if server start is successful, if not then it contains ErrorInfo object.
virtual void Proud::IDumpServerDelegate::OnStartServer ( CStartServerParameter refParam)
pure virtual

Method that sets server execution parameter Called back at the moment server is started. User must set server execution option through this method.

refParamserver execution option. Within this function, user must set Proud.CStartServerParameter.m_tcpPort at least. Proud.CStartServerParameter.m_localNicAddr and Proud.CStartServerParameter.m_serverAddrAtClient can be set as needed. Other parameter, they do not have to be set. Note Since DumpServer does not use UDP, UDP communication will be not available even if m_udpPorts and/or m_udpAssignMode are set.