Proud::IDumpClientDelegate Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual bool MustStopNow ()=0
virtual void OnException (const Exception &e)=0
virtual void OnComplete ()=0

Detailed Description

Delegate interface that is requested by CDumpClient. It is needed as as index when creating CDumpClient.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Proud::IDumpClientDelegate::MustStopNow ( )
pure virtual

Called periodically while CDumpClient sends dump file to server. This function must return true in order to let user cancel the sending process.

virtual void Proud::IDumpClientDelegate::OnComplete ( )
pure virtual

This will be called once sending is completed. Sending chat box can be closed at this point.

virtual void Proud::IDumpClientDelegate::OnException ( const Exception e)
pure virtual

This method is called back when an exception occurs during processing transmission.

eYou can get the string related to the problem through the exception information Exception::what().