Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem Class Reference

Public Attributes

ByteArray m_message
Guid m_sessionGuid
Guid m_rootUUID
CLoadedData2Ptr m_loadedData
Guid m_UUID
CPropNodePtr m_data
ErrorType m_reason
String m_comment
HRESULT m_hResult
String m_source

Detailed Description

This is a class containing the information on one data tree.

Member Data Documentation

String Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_comment

When it failed, comment about reason

CPropNodePtr Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_data

Snapshot of actual data when you do add, update, remove (Changing this value does not affect saving actual game information)

HRESULT Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_hResult

HRESULT from when it failed. If it is S_OK, it is not failed with com_error

CLoadedData2Ptr Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_loadedData

Snapshot of all completed data when you do add, update, remove (Changing this value does not affect saving actual game information)

ByteArray Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_message

The requests receiving the message as a factor amongst the methods of DBCacheClient can deliver the message to another loader or the requester. The parameter receiving the message is this.

ErrorType Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_reason
  • Reason for the failure when failed
  • whether the request has succeeded or failed should be determined, check to make sure whether this value is ErrorType_Ok or not.
Guid Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_rootUUID

The data RootUUID related to the Callback

Guid Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_sessionGuid

The data session related to the Callback.

String Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_source

Source from when it failed. If it have not got this, it is not failed during quary

Guid Proud::IDbCacheClientDelegate2::CCallbackArgs::CItem::m_UUID

The UUID of the node where a change occurred related to the Callback