Proud::CriticalSectionSettings Class Reference

Public Attributes

uint32_t m_spinCount
String m_bottleneckWarningDumpFileName
String m_bottleneckWarningDumpFilePath
uint32_t m_bottleneckWarningThresholdMs
bool m_updateLastLockedThreadID

Detailed Description

parameters for critical section initialization.

Member Data Documentation

String Proud::CriticalSectionSettings::m_bottleneckWarningDumpFileName

Select the name to save the dump file when bottleneck occurs. (ex. L"example_dump_file_name/")

String Proud::CriticalSectionSettings::m_bottleneckWarningDumpFilePath

Set the path to save the dump file when bottleneck occurs. (ex. L"C:/")

uint32_t Proud::CriticalSectionSettings::m_bottleneckWarningThresholdMs

Set the maximum time value when a warning occurs. When the value is set for a value other than 0, it leaves a warning and a dump file when bottleneck occurs equal to the value inside NetServer.

uint32_t Proud::CriticalSectionSettings::m_spinCount

spin count. will be set to appropriate value by default. This value will be set to 0 if only one CPU core is being used.

bool Proud::CriticalSectionSettings::m_updateLastLockedThreadID
If you this value to true,

Proud.CriticalSection.GetLastLockedThreadID() is valid.