Proud::CReportStatus Class Reference

Public Types

enum  StatusType { StatusType_OK, StatusType_Warning, StatusType_Error }
typedef CFastMap< String, StringKeyValueList

Public Attributes

StatusType m_statusType
String m_statusText
KeyValueList m_list

Detailed Description

TODO:translate needed. The report class to report with Agent after a certain amount of time or when OnReportStatsCommand has come.

  • Users can input values randomly to use
  • The value input here can be identified in PNServerAgentConsole

Member Enumeration Documentation

TODO:translate needed. Depending on this value, the color of the letters change in PNLicenseAgentConsole

Member Data Documentation

KeyValueList Proud::CReportStatus::m_list

TODO:translate needed. List List of the data needed additionally

  • You can check with the log of the property view of AgentConsole.
  • It is output as Key : Value of the property view of AgentConsole.
String Proud::CReportStatus::m_statusText

TODO:translate needed. Content of the information. If this string is empty, data is not transmitted

StatusType Proud::CReportStatus::m_statusType

TODO:translate needed. Type of the information to be sent to AgentConsole