Proud::CPropNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Proud::CPropNode:

Public Member Functions

const PNTCHAR * GetTypeName () const
PROUDSRV_API void SetTypeName (const PNTCHAR *str)
String GetStringTypeName () const
PROUDSRV_API void SetStringTypeName (String str)
PROUDSRV_API CPropNodePtr CloneNoChildren ()
virtual PROUDSRV_API void SetField (const String &name, const CVariant &value) PN_OVERRIDE
virtual PROUDSRV_API void RemoveField (const String &name) PN_OVERRIDE
virtual PROUDSRV_API void ToByteArray (ByteArray &output) PN_OVERRIDE
CPropNodeGetChild ()
CPropNodeGetSibling ()
CPropNodeGetEndSibling ()
Guid GetUUID ()
Guid GetOwnerUUID ()
Guid GetRootUUID ()
PROUDSRV_API bool IsSoftWorkIssued ()
PROUDSRV_API CPropNode (const String &TypeName)
PROUDSRV_API CPropNode (const CPropNode &from)
CPropNodeoperator= (const CPropNode &from)
CPropNodeoperator= (const CProperty &from)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::CProperty
const_iterator begin () const
const_iterator end () const
size_t GetCount () const
void Remove (const String &key)
void Clear ()
bool TryGetValue (const String &key, CVariant &ret) const
bool ContainsKey (const String &key) const
bool Add (const String &key, const CVariant &val)
void CopyKeysTo (CFastArray< String > &dest)
PROUDSRV_API CVariant GetField (const String &name)
PROUDSRV_API CProperty (const CProperty &rhs)
 CProperty (_variant_t from)
PROUDSRV_API operator _variant_t () const
PROUDSRV_API operator ByteArrayPtr () const
CPropertyoperator= (const _variant_t &from)
CPropertyoperator= (ByteArray &from)
CPropertyoperator= (const CProperty &rhs)
PROUDSRV_API String GetDumpedText ()

Public Attributes

String m_INTERNAL_TypeName


PROUDSRV_API CMessageoperator<< (CMessage &packet, CPropNode &rhs)
PROUDSRV_API CMessageoperator>> (CMessage &packet, CPropNode &rhs)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Proud::CProperty
typedef CFastMap< String,
CVariant, StringTraits
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Proud::CProperty
virtual void AssertThreadID (eAccessMode eMode) const
virtual void ClearThreadID () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Proud::CProperty
MapType m_map

Detailed Description

As the class that inherited Property, it points a node of CPropForest. Created using CPropNodePtr and to perform insertion or deletion at the functions provided by CLoadedData CPropNodePtr node = new(CPropNode(L"table name")); Please refer CProperty for how to use.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PROUDSRV_API Proud::CPropNode::CPropNode ( const String TypeName)

Base constructor

Member Function Documentation

PROUDSRV_API CPropNodePtr Proud::CPropNode::CloneNoChildren ( )

Clones of this node without children.

virtual PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CPropNode::RemoveField ( const String name)

Remove specific (key, value) pair from this node object.

nameKey value of pair that need to remove

Reimplemented from Proud::CProperty.

virtual PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CPropNode::SetField ( const String name,
const CVariant value 

Put specific (key, value) pair to node object. If pair with same key is existed then replace it to brandnew one.

  • We recommend to use Fields[] instead of this method.
    namekey of pair
    valuevalue of pair

Reimplemented from Proud::CProperty.

virtual PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CPropNode::ToByteArray ( ByteArray output)

Put data information to ByteArray.

  • Ordinary user does not need to use.

Reimplemented from Proud::CProperty.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

PROUDSRV_API CMessage& operator<< ( CMessage packet,
CPropNode rhs 

PropCollection's Message serialization helper functions

PROUDSRV_API CMessage& operator>> ( CMessage packet,
CPropNode rhs 

PropCollection's Message deserialization helper functions

Member Data Documentation

String Proud::CPropNode::m_INTERNAL_TypeName

Type name of this node.

  • It use for normal table name at DbCacheSystem