Proud::COdbcWarning Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

PROUDSRV_API COdbcWarning (const SQLRETURN ret, const StringA &errorString)
PROUDSRV_API COdbcWarning (const COdbcWarning &other)
COdbcWarningoperator= (const COdbcWarning &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::COdbcException
PROUDSRV_API COdbcException (const SQLRETURN ret, const StringA &errorString)
PROUDSRV_API int GetSqlErrorCode ()
PROUDSRV_API bool IsConnectionTimeout ()
PROUDSRV_API COdbcException (const COdbcException &other)
PROUDSRV_API COdbcExceptionoperator= (const COdbcException &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::Exception
PROUD_API Exception (const char *text)
PROUD_API Exception (const wchar_t *text)
PROUD_API Exception (std::exception &src)
PROUD_API Exception (ErrorInfo *src)
PROUD_API Exception (const Exception &src)
PROUD_API const char * what () const throw ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Proud::Exception
HostID m_remote
void * m_pVoidSource
std::exception * m_pStdSource
ExceptionType m_exceptionType
RefCount< ErrorInfom_errorInfoSource
String m_userCallbackName
void * m_delegateObject
StringA chMsg
- Protected Attributes inherited from Proud::COdbcException

Detailed Description

In case SqlErrorCode is SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO, Warning Exception will occur. It does not matter if you ignore this exception, but it contains important information, so you should take extra caution. ex> Example of Warning Occurrence

  1. In case of MSSQL, when the database (schema) is changed, warning will occur.
  2. In case primary keys are duplicated when inserting, warning will occur. (Primary Key Duplicate Error)