Proud::COdbcException Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

PROUDSRV_API COdbcException (const SQLRETURN ret, const StringA &errorString)
PROUDSRV_API int GetSqlErrorCode ()
PROUDSRV_API bool IsConnectionTimeout ()
PROUDSRV_API COdbcException (const COdbcException &other)
PROUDSRV_API COdbcExceptionoperator= (const COdbcException &other)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::Exception
PROUD_API Exception (const char *text)
PROUD_API Exception (const wchar_t *text)
PROUD_API Exception (std::exception &src)
PROUD_API Exception (ErrorInfo *src)
PROUD_API Exception (const Exception &src)
PROUD_API const char * what () const throw ()

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Proud::Exception
HostID m_remote
void * m_pVoidSource
std::exception * m_pStdSource
ExceptionType m_exceptionType
RefCount< ErrorInfom_errorInfoSource
String m_userCallbackName
void * m_delegateObject
StringA chMsg

Detailed Description

It is a class that deals with ODBC exception. You can check the detailed information by what() function.

Member Function Documentation

PROUDSRV_API int Proud::COdbcException::GetSqlErrorCode ( )

It returns the return value that has been defined in sql.h or sqlext.h.