Proud::CNetClientStats Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual PROUD_API String ToString () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::CNetCoreStats
uint64_t GetTotalReceiveBytes ()
uint64_t GetTotalSendCount ()
uint64_t GetTotalReceiveCount ()
uint64_t GetTotalSendBytes ()
PROUD_API CNetCoreStats ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t m_remotePeerCount
bool m_serverUdpEnabled
uint32_t m_directP2PEnabledPeerCount
uint32_t m_sendQueueTotalBytes
uint32_t m_sendQueueTcpTotalBytes
uint32_t m_sendQueueUdpTotalBytes
- Public Attributes inherited from Proud::CNetCoreStats
uint64_t m_totalTcpReceiveCount
uint64_t m_totalTcpReceiveBytes
uint64_t m_totalTcpSendCount
uint64_t m_totalTcpSendBytes
uint64_t m_totalUdpReceiveCount
uint64_t m_totalUdpReceiveBytes
uint64_t m_totalUdpSendCount
uint64_t m_totalUdpSendBytes
uint64_t m_totalWebSocketReceiveCount
uint64_t m_totalWebSocketReceiveBytes
uint64_t m_totalWebSocketSendCount
uint64_t m_totalWebSocketSendBytes

Detailed Description

Client status information. Used for performance check.

Member Function Documentation

virtual PROUD_API String Proud::CNetClientStats::ToString ( ) const

Returns a string that represents this object.

Implements Proud::CNetCoreStats.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t Proud::CNetClientStats::m_directP2PEnabledPeerCount

Number of remote peer that consisted Direct P2P

uint32_t Proud::CNetClientStats::m_remotePeerCount

Number of remote peer that in currently connected

uint32_t Proud::CNetClientStats::m_sendQueueTotalBytes

Total size left in TCP and UDP Send Queue. Total size of the Send Queue

bool Proud::CNetClientStats::m_serverUdpEnabled

true means the UDP communication with server is ok Cannot use UDP when false and also means the unreliable messaging with server is done via TCP.