Proud::CFastHeapSettings Class Reference

Public Attributes

FastHeapAccessMode m_accessMode

Detailed Description

Settings environment for Fast Heap and Lookaside Allocator

Member Data Documentation

FastHeapAccessMode Proud::CFastHeapSettings::m_accessMode

Threading mode

CriticalSection* Proud::CFastHeapSettings::m_debugSafetyCheckCritSec

This is Critical section object that checks if only 1 thread uses this fast heap.

  • Only valid if the fast heap is FastHeapAccessMode_UnsafeSingleThread
  • If the fast heap is FastHeapAccessMode_UnsafeSingleThread, then this member must be set by user.
  • This function only operates in debug mode.
CMemoryHeap* Proud::CFastHeapSettings::m_pHeap

If memory manager intends to let other Heap to be used rather than previously created custom Heap from ProudNet then this is where pointer of CMemoryHeap object to be entered.

  • When the memory manager related to this setting is destructed, CMemoryHeap designated in here is not to be destructed.
  • When NULL entered, the Heap previously created by ProudNet is used.