Proud::CExceptionLogger Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Init (IExceptionLoggerDelegate *dg, Proud::String dumpName=_PNT("dump"))
int GetDumpSerial ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Proud::DllSingleton< CExceptionLogger >
typedef RefCount
< CExceptionLogger
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::DllSingleton< CExceptionLogger >
static CExceptionLoggerGetUnsafeRef ()
static PtrType GetSharedPtr ()

Detailed Description

The object that records the point where exception occurred as DMP file when crash occurs then has a role to keep running the program

Member Function Documentation

void Proud::CExceptionLogger::Init ( IExceptionLoggerDelegate dg,
Proud::String  dumpName = _PNT("dump") 

Prepares this log system

dgPointer of the delegate object that will provide additional functions required by this system