Proud::CEmergencyLogServer Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void RunMainLoop ()=0

Static Public Member Functions

static CEmergencyLogServerCreate (IEmergencyLogServerDelegate *dg)

Detailed Description

TODO:translate needed. EmergencyLog server General use

  • The client needs not be executed additionally. If you call CNetClient.SendEmergencyLog, it sends to the log server on its own.
  • Creation is done with Create()
  • If you run RunMainLoop(), it performs its role until the log server ends.

Member Function Documentation

static CEmergencyLogServer* Proud::CEmergencyLogServer::Create ( IEmergencyLogServerDelegate dg)

TODO:translate needed. Generate CEmergencyLogServer object.

virtual void Proud::CEmergencyLogServer::RunMainLoop ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed.

  • If you run this method, the log server is activated. This method does not return until the request to stop running the server is relayed by IEmergencyLogServerDelegate.