Proud::CDbmsAccessTracker Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static PROUDSRV_API void SetAdoWrapEvent (IDbmsAccessEvent *pEvent)

Static Public Attributes

static PROUDSRV_API uint32_t DelayedAccessThresholdMilisec

Detailed Description

The main which notifies events while using ADO Wrapper API.

Member Function Documentation

static PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CDbmsAccessTracker::SetAdoWrapEvent ( IDbmsAccessEvent pEvent)

This method appoints an interface that will receive notification of event.

pEventThe pointer of interface receiving notification of event.

Member Data Documentation

PROUDSRV_API uint32_t Proud::CDbmsAccessTracker::DelayedAccessThresholdMilisec

Query delay event time

  • This method notifies event through IDbmsAccessEvent when command(query) is delayed for a specified time as using ADO Wrapper API.
  • The default time is 500.