Proud::CDbLogWriter Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void WriteLine (String logText, CProperty *const pProperties=NULL)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static PROUDSRV_API CDbLogWriterNew (CDbLogParameter &logParameter, ILogWriterDelegate *pDelegate)

Detailed Description

Write log to DBMS (Please refer to Recording a log in database)

General usage

  • Before using CDbLogWriter, you must create Dblog table by running ProudNet/Sample/DbmsSchema/LogTable.sql
  • Create this object by using CDbLogWriter.New
  • Record log by using WriteLine, WriteLine. (Note: maybe a typo) The recorded log will be regarded as asynchronous.
  • Basically LoggerName, LogText and DateTime will be recorded. In order to add a column that user wants, use CPropNode of WriteLine

Member Function Documentation

static PROUDSRV_API CDbLogWriter* Proud::CDbLogWriter::New ( CDbLogParameter logParameter,
ILogWriterDelegate pDelegate 

Create CDbLogWriter instance.

logPramerterSetup value to start log writer.
pDelegateIt is delegate for realizing callback that requires during log writer running.
virtual void Proud::CDbLogWriter::WriteLine ( String  logText,
CProperty *const  pProperties = NULL 
pure virtual

Records 1 log

  • this function runs as asynchronous. In other words, it will be returned immediately.
    logTextlog text string
    pPropertiesValues to be entered to the fields that were added by user. Please refer to Recording a log in database.