Proud::CDbLogParameter Class Reference

Public Attributes

String m_dbmsConnectionString
String m_loggerName
DbmsType m_dbmsType
String m_dbLogTableName

Detailed Description

Structure used in CDbLogWriter

Member Data Documentation

String Proud::CDbLogParameter::m_dbLogTableName

This is the log table name in the DB to record the log. The default is DbLog.

String Proud::CDbLogParameter::m_dbmsConnectionString

DBMS Connection String accesses to DB that log record will be written on. Please refer to Recording a log in database.

DbmsType Proud::CDbLogParameter::m_dbmsType

DBMS type that writes log. Supports MSSQL, MySQL and etc.

String Proud::CDbLogParameter::m_loggerName

Name of the subject that writes log. For an example, the name of the process that writes this log, such as "BattleServer #33"