Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter Class Reference

Public Attributes

Proud::String m_serverIP
String m_localNicAddr
int m_tcpPort
Proud::String m_DbmsConnectionString
Proud::String m_authenticationKey
CFastArray< CCachedTableNamem_tableNames
bool m_allowNonExclusiveAccess
int m_dbWorkThreadCount
int m_commandTimeoutSec
bool m_allowExceptionEvent
bool m_serializeRecursiveUpdateWork
bool m_autoDeisolateData
bool m_useUtf8mb4Encoding

Detailed Description

Parameter that must be provided in order to initiate CDbCacheServer2

Member Data Documentation

bool Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_allowExceptionEvent
  • Decide whether it uses OnException callback function or not.
  • Default value is true.
  • If setting it as false, when exception occurs during user callback, crash will occur as OnException is not called.
bool Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_allowNonExclusiveAccess

Whether to allow or not to allow a non-exclusive access to DBCacheServer. This is a Accessing non-exclusive data function.

  • The default value is false.
Proud::String Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_authenticationKey

The authentication key that can connect to this DB server

  • This value MUST NOT be exposed to game clients. This value is used by DB cache client(e.g. game servers and etc.) to connect to main server.
bool Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_autoDeisolateData
  • If this value is true, the client will automatically relieve the isolation of data which requested RequestIsolateData when the client is disconnected.
  • The default value is true.
int Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_commandTimeoutSec

It is CommandTimeout value when sending Query from DB Cache Server to DBMS.

  • Standard unit is second and default value is 30 seconds.
Proud::String Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_DbmsConnectionString

Connection string to connect to DBMS.

int Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_dbWorkThreadCount

It is the number of thread pools for DB processing.

  • At least “1” should be set.
  • DB processing has the internal device time, so it is recommended to have many threads. (ex. 100)
  • Initial value is “10”. If setting “0”, it will be set as the number of CPUs.
IDbCacheServerDelegate2* Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_delegate

Delegate object's pointer that CDbCacheServer requires

  • This object must exist as long as CDbCacheServer object exists.
CThreadPool* Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_externalNetWorkerThreadPool

If this value is not null, use an external networker thread. It performs the same role as Proud.CStartLanServerParameter.m_externalNetWorkerThreadPool.

CThreadPool* Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_externalUserWorkerThreadPool

If this value is not null, use an external networker thread. It performs the same role as Proud.CStartLanServerParameter.m_externalNetWorkerThreadPool.

String Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_localNicAddr

The address that the listening socket of the client to be bound.

  • The initial value is an empty string.
  • Usually set as an empty string but in case when the client has 2 or more of network interfaces (NICs) and when only one of them is able to recieve the connection request from other CLanClient, it is the case to use this. The IP address or the host name designated by the NIC must be used. Proud.GetLocalIPAddresses can be used to get the NIC address list located in the host.
  • In the case that a host name is used, a connection failure can occur when localhost is set as the address to connect to the server for a client. In this case, the client must be set clearly as the server host address in order to connect to the server.
bool Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_serializeRecursiveUpdateWork
  • If set to 'true', each of the request for 'RecursiveUpdate' will be conducted in order.
  • Although it can cause harm to its performance, this is an alternative for deadlock prevention. We recommend you to use only as an option when deadlock occurs with an unknown cause.
  • The default value is ‘false’.
Proud::String Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_serverIP

Server address. Please refer the member of same name at CStartServerParameter for further details.

CFastArray<CCachedTableName> Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_tableNames

Names of tables to be loaded and saved by DB cache. Input names of root and child tables here. Refer to CCachedTable for details.

int Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_tcpPort

TCP listening port. Please refer the member of same name at CStartServerParameter for further details.

bool Proud::CDbCacheServer2StartParameter::m_useUtf8mb4Encoding
켜져있으면, DB 액세스를 하기 전에 다음과 같은 세팅을 하는 SQL 구문이 실행됩니다.
SET character_set_results = utf8mb4;
SET character_set_client = utf8mb4;
SET character_set_connection = utf8mb4;

여러분의 서버가 utf8mb4 가령 emoji를 제대로 핸들링하지 못하면 켜십시오.