Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter Class Reference

Public Attributes

String m_serverAddr
String m_localNicAddr
uint16_t m_serverPort
String m_authenticationKey
int m_userWorkerThreadCount
bool m_allowExceptionEvent

Detailed Description

Connect information in order to connect to DB cache server

Member Data Documentation

bool Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_allowExceptionEvent
  • Decide whether it uses OnException callback function or not.
  • Default value is true.
  • If setting it as false, when exception occurs during user callback, crash will occur as OnException is not called.
String Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_authenticationKey

Server authentication key. It has to same value with bCacheServer2StartParameter.m_authenticationKey

IDbCacheClientDelegate2* Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_delegate

Delegate object to receive event callback

CThreadPool* Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_externalNetWorkerThreadPool

If this value is not null, an external networker thread will be used. It acts as Proud.CStartLanServerParameter.m_externalNetWorkerThreadPool.

CThreadPool* Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_externalUserWorkerThreadPool

If this value is not null, an external user worker thread will be used. It acts as Proud.CStartLanServerParameter.m_externalUserWorkerThreadPool.

String Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_localNicAddr

The address that the listening socket of the client to be bound.

  • The initial value is an empty string.
  • Usually set as an empty string but in case when the client has 2 or more of network interfaces (NICs) and when only one of them is able to recieve the connection request from other CLanClient, it is the case to use this. The IP address or the host name designated by the NIC must be used. Proud.GetLocalIPAddresses can be used to get the NIC address list located in the host.
  • In the case that a host name is used, a connection failure can occur when localhost is set as the address to connect to the server for a client. In this case, the client must be set clearly as the server host address in order to connect to the server.
String Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_serverAddr

Server address

uint16_t Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_serverPort

Server port

int Proud::CDbCacheClient2ConnectParameter::m_userWorkerThreadCount

The number of threads in thread pool. Must be set as at least 1.

  • The initial value is 0. If it is set as 0 then it is set as the number of CPUs.