Proud::CAngleFollower Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void FrameMove (double elapsedTime)
void SetFollowerAngle (double value)
double GetFollowerAngle ()
void SetTargetAngle (double value)
double GetTargetAngle ()
void SetFollowerAngleVelocity (double value)
double GetFollowerAngleVelocity ()

Detailed Description

This method helps changing an angle more smoothly. This class is helpful and effective in handling smooth direction change of remote character.

General Usage:

Member Function Documentation

void Proud::CAngleFollower::FrameMove ( double  elapsedTime)

TODO:translate needed. The follower changes the value constantly when this method is called in every frame

elapsedTimeframe processing time (in sec)
double Proud::CAngleFollower::GetFollowerAngle ( )

TODO:translate needed. Calculate the follower angle

angle (in radian)
double Proud::CAngleFollower::GetFollowerAngleVelocity ( )

TODO:translate needed. Calculate the moving angle speed of the follower

angle speed (in radian/sec)
double Proud::CAngleFollower::GetTargetAngle ( )

TODO:translate needed. Calculate the target angle

angle (in radian)
void Proud::CAngleFollower::SetFollowerAngle ( double  value)

TODO:translate needed. Set the follower angle

valueangle (in radian)
void Proud::CAngleFollower::SetFollowerAngleVelocity ( double  value)

TODO:translate needed. Insert the moving angle speed of the follower

valueangle speed (in radian/sec)
void Proud::CAngleFollower::SetTargetAngle ( double  value)

TODO:translate needed. Set the target angle

valueangle (in radian)