Proud::CAgentConnector Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual bool Start ()=0
virtual bool SendReportStatus (CReportStatus &reportStatus)=0
virtual bool EventLog (CReportStatus::StatusType logType, const PNTCHAR *text)=0
virtual void FrameMove ()=0
virtual void SetDelayTimeAboutSendAgentStatus (uint32_t delay)=0

Static Public Member Functions

static CAgentConnectorCreate (IAgentConnectorDelegate *dg)

Detailed Description

TODO:translate needed. By connecting with Agent, the server app of the user can be controlled remotely from PNServerAgentConsole

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Proud::CAgentConnector::EventLog ( CReportStatus::StatusType  logType,
const PNTCHAR *  text 
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. Feature to send a log to Agent

  • When you wish to send a simple log instead of detailed data, you can conveniently use through an EventLog instead of using SendReportStatus. when
    text is empty or ServerAgent does not start
virtual void Proud::CAgentConnector::FrameMove ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. It processes tasks that need to be done every once in a certain period of time.

  • If not connected, it attempts connection automatically every certain time.
virtual bool Proud::CAgentConnector::SendReportStatus ( CReportStatus reportStatus)
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. When a certain time or IAgentConnectorDelegate::OnReportStatsCommand has come, CReportStatus can be sent to the agent using this function

  • False when it has not started because it is not executed by
    ServerAgent or when the data of reportStatus is wrong
virtual void Proud::CAgentConnector::SetDelayTimeAboutSendAgentStatus ( uint32_t  delay)
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. It sets the delay time for transmitting the real-time information transmission within FrameMove

  • It is in 1/1000 second unit
  • The default is 1000
virtual bool Proud::CAgentConnector::Start ( )
pure virtual

TODO:translate needed. Before deleting an object after start, it maintains connection with the agent continuously

  • It does not start if it is not executed by ServerAgent