Proud::CAdoOfflineRecordset Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Proud::CAdoOfflineRecordset:

Public Member Functions

PROUDSRV_API void IterateAndCopyFrom (CAdoRecordset &source)
PROUDSRV_API void IterateAndAppendFrom (CAdoRecordset &source)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Proud::CFastArray< CAdoOfflineRecord >
 CFastArray ()
 CFastArray (const CAdoOfflineRecord *data, intptr_tcount)
 CFastArray (const CFastArray &src)
void SetGrowPolicy (GrowPolicy val)
GrowPolicy GetGrowPolicy ()
void SetMinCapacity (intptr_tnewCapacity)
void SetCapacity (intptr_tnewCapacity)
void SuspendShrink ()
void OnRecycle ()
void OnDrop ()
void SetCount (intptr_tnewVal)
void AddCount (intptr_taddLength)
void resize (intptr_tsz)
 for STL compatibility
intptr_t GetCapacity () const
intptr_t GetCount () const
intptr_t size () const
 for STL compatibility
bool IsEmpty () const
void Clear ()
void ClearAndKeepCapacity ()
T_IN ElementAt (intptr_tindex) const
CAdoOfflineRecordElementAt (intptr_tindex)
T_IN operator[] (intptr_tindex) const
CAdoOfflineRecordoperator[] (intptr_tindex)
CAdoOfflineRecordGetData ()
const CAdoOfflineRecordGetData () const
void Add (T_IN value)
void push_back (T_IN value)
void Insert (intptr_tindexAt, T_IN value)
void AddRange (const CAdoOfflineRecord *data, intptr_tcount)
void InsertRange (intptr_tindexAt, const CAdoOfflineRecord *data, intptr_tcount)
void CopyRangeTo (CFastArray &dest, intptr_tsrcOffset, intptr_tcount) const
void CopyTo (CFastArray &dest) const
void CopyFrom (const CFastArray &src)
void CopyFrom (const CAdoOfflineRecord *from, intptr_tfromCount)
void RemoveRange (intptr_tindex, intptr_tcount)
void RemoveAt (intptr_tindex)
bool RemoveOneByValue (T_IN value)
CFastArrayoperator= (const CFastArray &src)
intptr_t FindByValue (T_IN value)
bool Contains (T_IN value)
bool Equals (const CFastArray &rhs) const
void clear ()
 for STL compatibility
iterator begin ()
const_iterator begin () const
iterator end ()
const_iterator end () const
iterator erase (iterator iter)
CAdoOfflineRecord PopBack ()
void RemoveAndPullLast (intptr_tindex)
virtual void DataBlock_Free (void *data)
virtual void * DataBlock_Alloc (size_t length)
virtual void * DataBlock_Realloc (void *oldPtr, size_t newLength)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from Proud::CFastArray< CAdoOfflineRecord >
static const size_t TYPE_SIZE
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Proud::CFastArray< CAdoOfflineRecord >
void InitVars ()
virtual intptr_t GetRecommendedCapacity (intptr_tactualCount)
void BoundCheck (intptr_tindex) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Proud::CFastArray< CAdoOfflineRecord >
intptr_t m_Length
intptr_t m_Capacity
intptr_t m_minCapacity
bool m_suspendShrink
GrowPolicy m_growPolicy

Detailed Description

CAdoRecordset accesses record as maintaining the connection with DBMS while CAdoOfflineRecordset can do so without being connected DBMS. In order for this, you can save the copy of record through or IterateAndAppendFrom from CAdoRecordset as an object. This object can help minimizing the connection duration time of DBMS as accessing DBMS.

This object is an array object of CAdoOfflineRecord.

CAUTION: Refer to ToVariant(), ToLongLong(). This issue could arise in OS below than Windows 2000.

Member Function Documentation

PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CAdoOfflineRecordset::IterateAndAppendFrom ( CAdoRecordset source)

Add all records of source to the last line of existing records within this object. When copying is done, cursor of source becomes EOF.

sourceSource recordset
PROUDSRV_API void Proud::CAdoOfflineRecordset::IterateAndCopyFrom ( CAdoRecordset source)

This method copies all records of source. When copying is done, cursor of source becomes EOF.

sourceSource recordset