Proud::AfterRmiSummary Class Reference

Public Attributes

RmiID m_rmiID
const PNTCHAR * m_rmiName
HostID m_hostID
void * m_hostTag
uint32_t m_elapsedTime

Detailed Description

Summary of received message at IRmiStub::AfterRmiInvocation. For exmaple, it provide summary to user such as type of message when you tracking RMI log.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t Proud::AfterRmiSummary::m_elapsedTime

Time to process received RMI function.

HostID Proud::AfterRmiSummary::m_hostID

HostID of Host who sent

void* Proud::AfterRmiSummary::m_hostTag

Pointer of user defined hostTag.

RmiID Proud::AfterRmiSummary::m_rmiID

RMI ID if a message is RMI.

const PNTCHAR* Proud::AfterRmiSummary::m_rmiName

RMI function name if a message is RMI. A character string will appear in the parameter of this function only when you've defined USE_RMI_NAME_STRING.